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Uncommon Places

Adventures in Audio

By | Arts, Streets & Skies

Some artistic reflections from Amy on new works Promenade and Streets & Skies:

It’s been a busy, challenging and exciting few weeks getting up two new projects, and I now sit at the point where it is over to the audience. Both projects involve audio experiences, but with very different subject matter and style, both involving a participatory journey, a physical and emotional walking through. I hope people get us much out of them as we have creating them.

Rehearsing with Lucinda Horrocks

Recording with Leanne Hall & Emah Fox

Promenade, a commissioned work for Uncommon Places at this year’s Melbourne Fringe Festival was created in a rich collaboration over a short development time. It includes personal stories of women’s experiences of public space, mixed with the wide-ranging, often contradictory instructions given to us from advertising, popular culture, authority figures, family and friends to strangers on the street.
Made specifically for the Docklands, a bizarre in-between space complete with its own mini-forest, we explored this complex and timely topic inspired by comments made about women’s public safety following tragically sad cases of violence in Melbourne.
The anger, sadness and absurdity we discovered in working with this material comes together in the audio walk that takes participants through a range of spaces, experiences, and tones from biting satire to powerful reflective moments.
“Strut, walk like a man, imagine your ideal place, be confounded, be empowered, think, play, as you take this walk in a magical world of confidence and safety. ”

Promenade is FREE and has a duration of 30 minutes. Go to this link to download the audio track onto your device, then travel to the end of the line on the 11 or 48 tram towards Victoria Harbour/Docklands.
You can also download the map of all 18 Uncommon Places works, and immerse yourself in these exciting new pieces responding to the theme of instructions.

Get involved with Promenade online by sharing an image of your shoes in public space and tagging #everyshoetellsastory #melbfringe

In contrast to this very public subject matter, is my exhibition Streets & Skies for the Ballarat International Foto Biennale, exploring our inner journeys through life as experienced through images, words and song, a cross-artform project that draws on years of thought and collecting.
The audio tour that accompanies the photographs can be taken in any bookshop of choice and invites the participant to “take my hand and voice through the waves” exploring the bookshop as a kind of diary of our lives. It features newly recorded songs that originated as ‘song poems’ worked up with local musicians from my vocal beginnings.
Streets & Skies: audio for dreamers is $10.00 and can be purchased and downloaded here.
Along with the 25 minute tour, you also receive the 2 songs as standalone files to enjoy.

The photographic exhibition is on display in the Known World Bookshop until September 20th, with a book also available. Thanks go to exhibition sponsors Print2Metal.  There will also be a live performance happening to open the exhibition as part of the Slow Music Festival.

Despite their differences, the audio form brings an intimacy and sense of adventure to both these pieces, perhaps both with their own moments of pleasure and pain. They both also draw on the power of original music and the interaction with public space that brings its own unknown elements, for better of worse!
Now that I (and my amazing collaborators) have poured so much of ourselves into these works, it is over to the audience to make of them what they will.

These works are ideally experienced on site, downloaded onto your device  and accompanied by a good pair of headphones, but if you are for whatever reason unable to get to Docklands or a bookshop you can also feel free to listen to them like podcasts and ignore the instructions.
I can’t wait to hear what you think.

Streets & Skies exhibiting at the Known World Bookshop for the Ballarat International Foto Biennale Fringe Program. Aug 22-Sep 20