Box Space is a mini window gallery in a box that began with a 5 part exhibition and interview series at Big Space Artist Studio over the months of July and August. Curated and presented by Amy Tsilemanis with kind support from local business sponsors Yum Studio, Creative Conversation, Unicorn Ballarat, Voice FM 99.9, Wind and Sky Productions, and Fed Uni Live. Available for shop windows and empty spaces.

by Lily Partland – July 7, 2014

Amy T & Weave Length Productions from Aldona Kmieć Photography

Part 1 : First artist Melinda Muscat discusses her work and inspirations here with Box Space curator Amy Tsilemanis (Tinderbox Radio/Weave Length Productions) at the Big Space Opening event also featuring short film by Erin McCuskey and live music from Lauren Keft.

Part 2 : Co-author Robert Lewis talks with curator Amy Tsilemanis about the process of writing Murphy’s War and reads an example of the narrative non-fiction that is recreated from the WW1 writings of Frank Murphy.

Part 3 : Photographer Kelly Grundy talks with curator Amy Tsilemanis about her current body of work ‘Ambient Observations.’

Part 4 : Animator Heath Bradley talks with curator Amy Tsilemanis about Handl studio and online series Bangers, a collaboration with Len Hyatt.

Part 5 : Suzanne McRae is a mixed-media sculptor with a ceramics and textiles base. She studied Fine Art at the University of Ballarat and ran her own costume/clothing business Asylum7 for a decade.

Hip Hip Decay is her new body of work, featuring hybrid creatures made of wire, paper, coffee-stained and antique fabrics, and air-dried clay to create whimsical, haunting and other-worldly pieces.