Streets & Skies:
audio for dreamers


Streets & Skies: an audio experience for dreamers 2015

25 minutes duration
$10.00 digital download

An audio tour to be taken in any bookshop, exploring the words, songs and pictures that make up our lives, featuring original writing and music.

Download the audio onto your device. Stand on the street outside your chosen bookshop, put on your headphones, press play & enjoy.

As part of this purchase you will also receive two newly recorded original songs that feature in the audio tour:

Vocals: Amy Tsilemanis
Piano: Lucinda Horrocks
Mixed by Jary Nemo

Vocals: Amy Tsilemanis
Guitar: Julian Potter
Viola: Mary Duff
Backup Vocals: Christine Tammer, Bill Winter-Irving , & Mary Duff
Mixed by Christine Tammer



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audio for dreamers”

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