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Have you ever thought about the sounds and spirit of your neighbourhood? This is my attempt to capture some of the magic of mine for you to enjoy! Just add to cart and go to checkout- you will get access to an mp3 download. If you would like to make a donation you can choose an amount of your choice there and support my creative work.

Best with headphones- take a stroll of your choice or listen from home!

A 2020 lockdown project of sorts, this is a 20 minute audio walk that takes you around the Ballarat East neighbourhood of Webb Avenue, Black Hill and the Yarrowee Creek (or Bowdun and Yaramlok in local Wadawurrung language). Music featured is Michael Westlake, Dream of the Crimson Lattice and Look to the East

Thank you to all who took part, recording themselves or in interview.

Voices in order of hear-ance:

Amy Tsilemanis- artist and producer who moved to Webb Ave in 2009

Harry Gibcus- grew up in the area in the 1950s, and met Amy in his role as a justice of the peace, signing paperwork and noticing the address : )

Neil Huybregts, Jeni Eastwood and ‘the granddogs’-  keen historians and caretakers of the area who moved to Webb Ave in 2013

Jack and Geraldine Vorstenbosch- community leaders who lived in Ballarat East two houses down from each other and married when they were 18 and 21 and settled in Webb Ave in the 1980s

Kat Avery- researcher and Clash lover who has lived in the area since she was a teenager

Michael Westlake- musician who lives at the end of Webb Ave, rehearsing, teaching and creating beautiful music

Freya Hollick- singer-songwriter and past resident and Black Hill lover

John Kerr- keen collector, council worker and Yarrowee Trail lover



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