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August 2020

An audio walk around my neighbourhood

By | Arts, Audio

Hope you’re all well. I am excited to share my new audio work with you today, hopefully a nice thing you can enjoy as you take a walk or listen at home. It’s about my street and neighborhood in Ballarat East- something I’ve been wanting to do for a few years now but the first lockdown got me started and the second got it finished!  You can take a walk anywhere you like though and listen. I hope you enjoy it! The gorgeous music I have used is by Michael Westlake who lives down the other end of my street, how fabulous.

Here’s me testing it up in Black Hill-

If you missed the live stream of my book  launch at the start of the month you can watch the recording. It includes another new creative collaboration between Michael and I, and lots of other goodies celebrating creativity and friendship.

It’s been great to get my head back into audio land, and stay tuned for the next project as part of Minerva’s Books & Ideas! You can also check out my book readings on our Instagram TV. Get in touch if you have any requests for readings. I recently did some Dr Suess for the Ballarat Foundation, check it out below:

Thanks to everyone for their support and collaboration on various projects!
Sending health and happiness,

Beloved: a Word Banquet online launch event today!

By | Arts

It’s a big weekend here in Amy land- we had the last day of our physical bookshop yesterday, moving online as Minerva’s Books & Ideas, ‘selling books, and producing creative media about the lives of books and the ideas they illuminate’- exciting! You can follow along here.

And today is the online book launch of Beloved: a Word Banquet! This is a bittersweet one, a posthumous collaboration with the dear Susie Surtees, and a tribute to the event I helped her run in 2018 at the BMI called Word Banquet. Each month a theme would guide the gatherings, where books, poetry, song lyrics, travel, love, life would be discussed and celebrated. I wrote a poem each month in response to the theme  and these are gathered together in the book, matched with photographs by Susie, chosen by her beloved daughter Jane. The book also features a piece of Susie’s writing and a foreword by Julian Potter. You can read a review here. The book has now sold out, thanks to all who got their copy.

The event today will include readings, music, merry making, and remembering. Please join us.

Click the image below to go to the live YouTube stream, starting at 2pm. Grab the drinks and snacks of your choice, sit back and enjoy! :