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Heritage Innovations

By May 5, 2015 No Comments

This weekend exciting annual event Ballarat Heritage Weekend hits town, and Amy is involved in launching a new digital history tour called Ballarat Revealed! Explore below:

Revealed Promo

City of Ballarat and Heritage Weekend this year will offer people the chance to peer into Ballarat’s history – with a brand new modern twist – a new experience which allows you to reveal our architectural and cultural history using your mobile device or computer. Ballarat Revealed is a web-based app working on two levels: as a walking tour through Ballarat’s CBD walking up the central promenade, allowing you to stand on the spot and reveal in your device what 30 locations looked like over a century ago; and as an online resource, linking you to archival images, videos and related stories online.


It is also an honour to be awarded the Heritage Innovation Award for last year’s project- an ambitious collaboration between Federation University Arts Academy performing arts and design students, & artists Tanja Beer and Amy Tsilemanis: Living Heritage: Trades & Traditions. Big thanks go out to all involved.

Some words from Amy:

When we won the Heritage Innovation award this week it was truly an unexpected delight and in the moment I rather froze and let the lovely and articulate Angela Campbell speak which she did wonderfully. What I would have added had I found the words was this:

I worked as a researcher, curator and sometimes producer on this 2014 project that combined my own shop window trail with the Living Heritage performance trail, both drawing on the theme of Trades & Traditions. Alongside the amazing talents and work of the Federation Uni students and teachers, SO many people came together to make the project happen and I would like to thank and acknowledge the great collegial community that exists and is growing in the local heritage field.

With so many bad news stories going around it is a pleasure to celebrate projects like this that achieve wonders through creative, cross disciplinary collaboration. The benefits are broad and include:

  • creating a heritage and arts experience for audience members during Ballarat Heritage Weekend, locals and tourists alike
  • providing training and professional experience for students including collaboration across disciplines (and the local learning and stories like one of the design students learning that his grandmother was a Lucas Girl)
  • making meaningful connections between the uni and the town
  • a true collaborative effort drawing on the resources and generosity of so many:

Thanks go to people in the room like heritage gems Clare Gervasoni and Edith Fry who are always ready to assist, right through to the city’s CEO Anthony Schink who helped us access empty spaces in the CBD to activate with stories and life. Local spaces and businesses also collaborated to allow access to their buildings and resources including this beautiful Mechanics’ Institute and Jackson’s and Co. It was a massive team effort.

I hope this project provides an example of what can be done with creativity and collaboration, bringing with it excitement for the possibilities to come!

• above – Living Heritage: Trades & Traditions 2014

• left – Angela Campbell & Amy Tsilemanis at 2015 Heritage Awards